Owner and Coach: Lucas Wall 

His dad took the family on RAGBRAI (cross-Iowa week-long ride) and soon after his older brother started racing—that's what led Lucas to start racing at the age of 10. Training, travel, competition, challenge, persistence, and continual improvement have been constants since then. Take a passion for all these parts of cycling, add a love of learning and teaching, and that's what led Lucas to coaching. With a rich background in the sport and continued learning through exercise physiology studies, coaching seminars, camps, other professional development, and everyday conversations with riders, Lucas continues to "train" as a coach to always get better. 

Lucas Wall

Coaching Background

  • USA Cycling Level 1 Coach with distinction
  • One of first USA Cycling Certified Skills Instructors in the country
  • Coaching since 2008
  • Ann Arbor Velo Club coach
  • Completed masters-level coursework in exercise physiology

Coaching Accomplishments

  • Directed multiple riders from beginner to category 1-2 level
  • Coached riders to 4 junior national championship medals on the road, 1 junior national championship (17-18 road race), 1 U23 time trial medal, 1 Collegiate National Team Time Trial win
  • Rider on 2 USA junior World Championship road teams and 1 USA U23 World Championship team
  • 1 junior national medal on the track (Madison)
  • Two Michigan Tailwind cyclocross series overall winners (B class, cat. 3 35+) and 2nd overall (B 40+)
  • Multiple state championships (TT, road race, track)

Junior Racers

  • Junior racing was a big part of Lucas' own cycling history, and his junior athletes have been a big part of his coaching from those racing locally to those competing at the world championships. 
  • Multiple juniors have advanced from beginners to cat. 1 or 2 working with Lucas, and some have simply moved from cat. 5 to cat. 4—it's a pleasure working with any hard working rider regardless of goals and performance. 
  • Juniors have raced 5 editions of the Tour de l'Abitibi (biggest junior stage race in North American) with a 5th and 2nd overall. 
  • Having attended more than a dozen junior national championships (and still counting), Lucas has helped prepare riders for the physical, mental, logistical, and emotional challenges of preparing for one of the biggest events junior riders do. And he's helped prepare the parents, too! 
  • Juniors are coached step-by-step over the course of years to learn and develop physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally, challenging juniors in cycling but also balancing cycling with school, other sports, friends, family budgets, and more!  

Senior and Master Racers

  • Senior riders and masters vary widely in their goals, ranging from balancing family and work to be competitive in cat. 4 to preparing to race at the national and international level. 
  • Based on a riders' goals, coaching focuses on making the best use of riders' time and energy to chase their goals ... and dreams! 

Women Racers

  • Women have different demands and needs from men in training, racing, and their daily lives, and tailoring coaching to an individual's particular goals, abilities, and life situation applies for women just as it does men, but with a different mix of details to consider. 
  • Women's racing presents different challenges and scenarios than men's racing, and these details are part of coaching female athletes. 
  • The unique physiology of women is taken into account when designing and planning training for women, from recovery to the timing and progression of training different energy systems. 

Lucas' Cycling Experience

  • More than 30 years racing, category 2 racer.
  • Many state championships and medals on road and track.
  • Qualified and competed in two Olympic Festival events (most prestigious junior events in US at the time) on road and track, getting silver in the track omnium. 


  • Dexter, Michigan


  • Road, track, and cyclocross