Spring Training Series Coaches/Mentors

Coaches/Mentors for Ann Arbor Spring Training Series

Thanks for your interest in helping serve as a coach/mentor for the Ann Arbor Spring Training Series. Below is information on your coach/mentor role, weekly topics, and the weekly schedule. If you are interested in serving as coach/mentor, please RSVP on this page to save a spot—we need about 6 people each week and this page will help balance the number of coaches/mentors each week. 

Your role as a coach/mentor

Three functions of coaches/mentors:

  1. Pre-race clinic: help lead a small group through the skills activity
  2. In-race coach/mentor: sit in (or observe) the cat. 5 race and give input and feedback to the riders, help riders who are struggling at or off the back to stay in contact or work together, and identify some pieces of feedback for the group or individuals to provide after the race.  
  3. Post-race feedback: provide observations and feedback to the cat. 5s after the race about what they did well and areas to keep working on.
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Each week we will focus on a different topic with the cat. 5 riders, starting with verbal instructions and a handout to provide the key points and describe the on-bike drills we will do. Then we do on-bike practice in small groups with 1-2 coach/mentors per group to walk them through the steps of the activity, give them instructions, and feedback. We'll wrap up the pre-race clinic with a brief summary of the day's topic and reminders of what to think about during the race. During the race the coaches/mentors will ride along in the field helping role model basic group riding skills but not working to affect the race outcome in any way. Some coaches will be in the field, and others will work with groups of riders who are dropped from the main group helping them work together. After the race the group will meet again to recap the race and provide feedback about what the coaches observed, and how to continue improving skills.

The clinic topics are an introduction to racing to help make racing better and safer. We don't have time to cover every detail and we'll focus on a narrow range of topics, but based on what you see please feel free to give them additional input and feedback to help them get better and be safer. We don't expect you to be an expert at racing but simply be able to act as a good role model of basic group racing skills and to be able to provide assistance and feedback. Also, there are a lot of different ways to do things and perspectives on what works best; what will be presented is just one way the skills can be done so feel free to offer your own advice since multiple perspectives will ultimately help the riders improve. 

Weekly Topics

  • April 7: Riding and Changing Lines
  • April 14: Cornering
  • April 21: Attacking and Sprinting
  • April 28: TBD

Weekly Schedule

  • 7:30 a.m. — Registration opens, coaches/mentors arrive for quick meeting before clinic
  • 8:00, — Pre-race clinic starts; topic intro, verbal instructions
  • 8:15 — Pre-race clinic on-bike practice
  • 8:40-8:45 — Pre-race summary and reminders
  • 9:00-9:30 — Cat. 5 race with in-race coaches/mentors
  • 9:40-10:00 — Post-race feedback and debrief

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