Barry-Roubaix Podium Performances

Cameron Buccellato and Nick McKey finished the 36-mile Barry-Roubaix race in 1st and 10th! They stepped onto the podium of the junior category in 1st and 3rd, with their teammate Luke slotted into 2nd for the team sweep! It was reported as a course record time, and the first two spent nearly two-thirds of the race off the front. 

Tom Barrett shook off some winter cobwebs and slotted into the 36-mile race, too, making a trip onto the stage for his 5th place in his age division. 

Barry-Roubaix 2015, Barrett podium.jpg

Alexey at the Giro del Belvedere

Alexey Vermeulen completed the U23 Giro del Belvedere race that took place Monday in Italy. Spot Alexey during the team intros, on the road, and leading out a teammate at the finish as he finished 15th with the front group.

76th Giro del Belvedere